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VMAGIC® Dual-Head Bikini + Body Trimmer

Cordless, water-resistant Trimmer with dual-head specifically designed for smoothly trimming long hair with one head and efficiently removing short hair with the floating dual-ring round head, making your grooming routine faster and razor burn-proof. Perfect for sensitive skin.


Risk-free for 30 days


Anti-irritation: With rounded blades that minimizes nick, you can safely trim or shave and kiss razor burn goodbye.
Water-resistant: Perfect for use in or out of the shower.

Cordless charging: Charges via USB-C charging cord. 60 min of battery life once fully charged. Can take up to 2 hours to fully charge.

Quiet, powerful motor: Rechargeable, quiet, and high speed

Perfect for multiple hair lengths: Designed to trace your body's natural contours with a snap-on head for trimming, a dual-ring round head for shaving, and one trimming guards featuring two lengths (3mm & 6mm)

Smoothness guaranteed: The trimmer is designed to remove hair in the bikini area and body without causing irritation or cuts, leaving you with soft and smooth skin, every time.

How to Use

Choose your Guard - The trimmer can be adjusted to 3 lengths — no guard, 3mm and 6mm.

Turn on the Trimmer - Press power button closest to trimmer head you will use (dual ring vs. curved blade)

Start Trimming - With one hand, pull the skin taut and with the other lightly press the buzzing razor head onto the skin. For dual-ring, use circular motions to shave off short hairs.

Pro Tip - Trim against the direction of hair growth & use short, gentle strokes.

Technical Specs

• Curved floating blade head
• Dual ring contouring foil
• Battery Capacity: 400mAh
• USB-C Charging Cable (use the provided cable only, no fast charging ports please!)
• Voltage: 3.7V
• IPX7 Waterproof rating
• Physical dimensions: 167 X 33 X 32 mm
• Weight: 110 grams


VMAGIC® Grooming Essentials
VMAGIC® Grooming Essentials
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VMAGIC® Shape & Smooth Duo: Trimmer & Lips Stick
VMAGIC® Shape & Smooth Duo: Trimmer & Lips Stick
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Dual-Head Functionality
Perfect for Sensitive Skin
No More Ingrown Hairs
Dual-Head Functionality
Perfect for Sensitive Skin
No More Ingrown Hairs
Dual-Head Functionality
Perfect for Sensitive Skin
No More Ingrown Hairs
Dual-Head Functionality
Perfect for Sensitive Skin
No More Ingrown Hairs

See The Magic


Can I use the bikini trimmer on other parts of my body?

The bikini trimmer was designed for your sensitive intimate skin and curves, but can be used as a full body trimmer as well.

Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Is it safe to use in the shower?

Our bikini trimmer is IPX7* rated which means it can be used for wet or dry trimming and shaving. Plus, you can rinse it under running water for easy clean-up.

How close of a shave does it give?

The bikini trimmer comes with an adjustable guard that can be removed. The shorter length of the guard will leave you with 3mm of hair and the longer guard will leave you with 6mm of hair. Once the guard is removed, you will get an extremely close shave that will leave you with very minimal hair. But it's important to note that the trimmer is not a direct replacement for a razor as it will not leave you completely hairless.

You can use the dual ring shaver for an even closer shave.

How do I clean it?

Turn the power off. Remove the blade and rinse with water. Lubricate the bade and pop back onto the trimmer.

How do I charge the trimmer and how long does the battery last?

To charge your device, plug the USB-C charging cable into any USB-C port, it will take up to 2 hours for a full charge.

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