An exciting rebrand is coming soon for VMAGIC®

Dr Clare Bertucio


Clare here, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Medicine Mama. 

I’m reaching out to share some thrilling news about the future. We’ve been working tirelessly over the past year on an uber-exciting rebrand, and we are truly so excited to finally unveil our new look and site on October 11!!

What’s Changing?

New Beautiful Designs: Our products will sport new, updated, all-inclusive and absolutely beautiful packaging which we are confident that you will want to proudly display alongside your other beauty and skincare essentials.

Educational Vulva Diagram: To empower and educate, we have added a diagram of the vulva to our packaging. Shockingly, 75% of women don’t know the difference between the vulva and the vagina, and we want to change that now! Part of our core mission is to help educate women in better understanding, knowing, caring for, and owning our bodies.

Bold New Product Names: We have changed names like “Feminine Wash” to “Vulva Wash” to use anatomically correct terms, fostering empowerment and open dialogue about women's bodies.

Why Are We Making These Changes?

We believe in education, empowerment, and transparency. These changes are meant to encourage open conversation and to help women feel confident and informed about their bodies. Our hope is that our new packaging will resonate with you and reflect the pride we all should feel about our bodies and self-care products.

What’s Not Changing?

Our commitment to providing you with the ®VMAGIC organic formulations you know and love remains steadfast. And in response to popular demand, we’re delighted to announce that our best-selling Vulva Wash is now available in double the size for the same price!

Looking Forward

I am immensely delighted and proud to share these innovations with you, and I hope that our new look will inspire you to be an even more confident, empowered, and self-appreciating you!

The essence of Medicine Mama has always been about nurturing and caring, and we continue to be dedicated to supporting you at every age and stage of your life. Talk to your friends, colleagues, parents, and daughters; spread the word and the LOVE! Embrace your powerful self.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our exciting and impressive rebrand; we can't wait to hear your thoughts on our new look and campaign!

Be safe and well,

Dr. Clare Bertucio, CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Medicine Mama

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