Healthy Skin for Men

Admittedly, here at Medicine Mama’s, we’ve catered much of our brand messaging to a woman’s needs. Men’s facial skin is typically thicker than women’s and less likely to be sensitive. Also, their skincare is usually simpler because men don’t typically wear makeup.

However, shaving burns, cracked hands and feet, sores and scrapes left to heal on their own are a frequent, and unnecessary, pain.

Receiving weekly testimonials from men who praise Sweet Bee Magic for remedying everything from cracked heels to acne, we feel it is time to shed some light on the needs of beautiful male skin.

"I kept wondering why my Sweet Bee Magic was running low so quickly, and after my second jar, I realized my husband was using it on his hands and face every night, as well as on scratches and after shaving!! He just asked me last night to order him his own jar!! ~Sheila


The scalp, hair, face and body naturally takes a beating, shower and cleanse at least every other day, and more frequently when exercising, or working up a sweat. Rinse off all the oil, sweat, and sunscreen that can build up around the hair follicles.

Prone to acne on your face or back? Cleanse with products that include Zinc, a known enemy of acne and infected follicles. Zinc is also a metal that humans need in small doses to perform essential functions. In addition to treating acne, it is used to boost the human immune system.

Medicine Mama’s Zinc Facial Soap is carefully formulated to detoxify, moisturize, and nourish skin. It is even effective on acne, eczema, contact dermatitis, and redness.

"I've always just used old bar soap stubs for shaving soap, but this zinc soap seems to keep my skin from drying out after a shave." –Dylan


Yes, even guys should slough away dead surface skin cells and other impurities by exfoliating at least once a week. Get rid of surface debris and keep skin stimulated and oxygenated.

For deep exfoliation, utilizing the anti-bacterial properties of honey, Medicine Mama’s Ultra Facial Scrub, clears away dead skin. It also stimulates circulation and blood flow, helping clear away and reduce inflammation. Also, if skin is clearing from the zinc soap, the follicles may dry up. The honey scrub smoothes skin out by getting rid of the dried buildup.

And did we mention it’s pure enough to eat AND DELICIOUS…

Or if you prefer to DIY, here is a recipe we like: 
2 tbs of honey
2 tbs of oatmeal
½ of an avocado (you can eat the other half!)
2 tbs of coarse sea salt
Mix together into a paste, massage in a circular motion.


Most men can get by with a light, fast penetrating moisturizer applied daily after they bathe.

If you are active, more frequent protection from friction, for cyclists, surfers, runners, rowers, swimmers, skiers, football, soccer, hockey players is essential.

If you are outdoorsy, additional protection from skin damage to face, earlobes, neck, knuckles etc. from water, wind, heat and cold exposure is also recommended.

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