Summertime “Chub Rub”

This sounds like an explicit pop culture term that you’d hear on twitter or Instagram, but in fact this is the name going around the health and beauty world for chafing. Most of us would have liked to be summer ready with perfectly toned body and zero “extra bits” but for those of us who have a life, that’s not always a reality. Those little chubby areas that we have between our thighs or under our arms or stomach when rubbed together cause friction that often leads to a burning rashy skin irritation, hence “Chub Rub”. Makes perfect sense doesn't it?  Where summer comes into play is that during the summer we are often doing activities we might not be doing during other seasons, hiking, tennis, swimming, going to the beach etc. and all of this sweat and moisture, especially salt water can cause chafing to go out of control.  

 So what are some solution?

Some people wear “summer unders” a type of garment that is light weight and silky to prevent inner thigh chafing. I have also heard great things about natural rice based powders for underarm chafing.  And here at Medicine Mama’s Apothecary we have had rave reviews from clients who pack on Sweet Bee Magic at night to heal chafing that has become blistered and itchy. I know every summer when I’m out in the ocean surfing I always get horrible stomach chafing and it keeps me out of the ocean the next day because the salt water stings so badly. I use Sweet Bee Magic to help it heal quicker and I also apply it under my rash guard on the sensitive areas as a sort of barrier to protect against the saltwater and soothe the irritated areas.


When you are on the go, being active or just for everyday life Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand makes a great easy to bring with you travel size companion to help prevent and heal chafing. Apply a thin layer of it on the sensitive spots you are prone to chafing to help prevent it all together!

 Have a great summer and don’t let your chub rub keep you from enjoying all your summer fun!

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