The Way it Feels to do Beautiful Things

   Audrey’s pursuit of beauty is very fluid in her life.  There are constant questions surrounding that pursuit.   Even though you ask and answer these questions daily, the answers will surely be different tomorrow.  Especially when you’re definition is based on the whim of your hair, which can take on a new style daily.  Your under eye can be clear today and puffy tomorrow or your lips will be chapped today and smooth tomorrow.

Yet you see it.  

   Indeed in different times and for unique reasons you see the beauty in you, and it’s ever changing, day by day and year to year it evolves. In this constant struggle you find timeless beauty.

   Learning to enjoy the struggle and the tension built into the process is a part of embracing beauty.  No matter if it’s physical or below the surface, you want your life to feel beautiful.   When you find that beauty and the emotions that are tied to it, you don’t want to to lose it.  The path to find it is filled with difficultly, and these struggles make beauty so much sweeter!

   We are wanting to ask a very simple question at Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, How does it feel to do beautiful things?”  We’ve always sought a timeless, sustainable beauty which is what our products represent and our hearts wish to keep producing.  And we will continue looking for that stewardship answer in pursuit of genuine people.  In the people we come in contact with through business, grocery shopping, yoga class and neighbors.  People can do beautiful things with their lives.

   Sustainable beauty has to exist in the world and in our home.  It has to be a part of us, and not only there when the wind blows but the willow tree that shows the wind’s blowing and yet remains.

“True Beauty is Timeless” -Marilyn Monroe
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