Help Spikenard Farms Save the Honeybees!

Spikenard Farm Was founded with the intention of creating a safe haven and for honeybees in peril, and it is shining example of how healthy honeybee colonies should function. At this time, with Colony Collapse Disorder and a host of illnesses bees are in grave danger. Instead of focusing on how much honey we can get from the bees, Spikenard farms is asking what can be done to protect, strengthen and heal them.

This week only, you can help Spikenard Sanctuary save the honeybees when you purchase any item on our website: receive 15% off your purchase and we will donate an additional 15% to Spikenard farms!

The honeybee is a member of the insect order Hymenoptera which plays a key role in the human and natural world. Honeybees are more than just honey producers – they create formic acid – an essential acid and the basis for all plant life. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating 40-70% of our diet!

According to reports from scientific community that the population of honeybees has been adversely affected by:

  • Neurotoxic pesticides
  • Mites & viruses
  • Mono-crop agribusiness

Spikenard farms believes that the loss in vitality and reduced capability of the survival of honeybees is not only caused by conventional agricultural practices, but also by the attempt of making beekeeping as profitable as possible. These practices include:

  • Artificial queen breeding
  • Recycled wax or plastic foundations
  • Feeding sugar/corn syrup in large quantities
  • Exploitive honey harvests
  • Swarm prevention
  • Migratory beekeeping

How can we help

There are many ways you can help the honeybees yourself! Some of Spikenards suggestions include:

  • Plant bee forage in your yard or on your balcony
  • Become a beekeeper by hosting a natural honeybee hive.
  • Learn what you need to know by attending a lectures and workshop from Spikenard Farms or another local Honey bee sanctuary close to you.
  • Purchase and consume non GMO food and produce
  • Purchase organic Wild-crafted honey

You can also help Spikenard farms by purchasing any product from our website this week! Get 15% off any purchase and we will donate an additional 15% to Spikenards Honeybee Sanctuary! Visit the Spikenard Farms website for more information.

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