What's the Deal with Cellulite?

Every woman has some and everyone wants to get rid of it… The dreaded C-word. (Not that one ladies…geez!) CELLULITE. It appears as dimpled skin caused by primarily female hormones and genetics and consists of fat cells. Dermal fat cells do swell but that is not the only cause of cellulite. Cellulite is visible when dermal fat cells are closer to the skin, which is caused by damage to the dermis. If water is lost, tissue is weakened, and then dermal fat begins to push into the dermis. Additionally if the epidermis is weakened or dehydrated, cellulite is more visible.

Keeping collagen and elastin healthy is essential in reducing cellulite. To repair cellulite cells and connective tissues, these need to be strengthened and hydrated through nutrients and water intake. However, drinking water is not enough –our cells need to be able to hold the water. Wasted water in the body leads to water retention and puffiness. The following internal nutrients and supplements are recommended for cellulite reduction:

-       Lecithin for cell walls
-       Glycosaminoglycan (GAGs) for moisturizing and firming
-       Glucosamine to build connective tissue
-       B-vitamins to retain moisture and provide nutrients
-       Amino acids for building collagen and elastin

Aside from taking internal nutrients, cellulite can also be reduced topically through vigorous exfoliation, which stimulates cell turnover and collagen and elastin. We recommend body brushing with a firm brush in a circular motion in the areas where you see cellulite. And always follow up with a deep moisturizer like Sweet Bee Magic to hydrate the skin and help soften the appearance of cellulite.

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