Remember To Fill Up!

We recently received this letter from a customer in Colorado who has reinvigorated her love of backpacking. It reminded us that as busy women, who constantly take care of others, it is vitally important that we support ourselves in doing the things that fill OUR cup.

“Hiking is a bit like life. The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other… again and again and again. And if you allow yourself the opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit.” –Unknown

We are honored to be in your backpack for the journey!

Dear Medicine Mama’s,
Last Spring, I took on a challenge: a hike a day. Part fitness, part mind-clearing-new-perspective-on-life, part spiritual connection. Part just needing to feel like a badass! My kids are practically grown, work was stressing me out on a regular basis, and I really just felt a calling to get back to basics.
I happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and I realized that I had to put myself back into it, rather than just passing through, as I had been, without paying much attention.  
I hiked sections of the Colorado Trail. I hiked in Open Spaces closer to home. I hiked in my neighborhood. I hiked everywhere we went on vacation. My family was occasionally inconvenienced, but it didn’t matter.
I got stronger. I cleared my head. I gained new perspective on life, love, family, and work. I connected to the Universe. I was present to the immediate moment instead of all the things I needed to do. I found my badass self.
All that glory was not lost on also getting sunburned, sore feet, chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, and blisters. And, I just wanted to let you know how awesome it has been to have Sweet Bee Magic along for the ride. Sweet Bee quickly replaced a number of other products (lip balm, aloe vera, moisturizer, Neosporin) in my backpack. At the end of the day, climbing into my tent or into my bed, my last gift to myself was to lather up my wind, sun, and boot tortured skin.
I’m feeling amazing on the inside. With Sweet Bee Magic, I’m feeling incredible on the outside, too!
Keep doing what you’re doing and I will too!
Jaime from ColoRADo




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