Do Yourself A Favor, Check The Label

Do Yourself A Favor, Check The Label

Honest Ingredients

Recently in the “Beauty” world news we have witnessed firsthand the fierce transparency that lives in the social market place. As consumers we are not only savvy we are connected to an instant global community with a platform that allows us to have an instant VOICE.  The NEW digital marketplace is a giant, lovely, open and fully transparent bazaar and the consumer rules the show!

Buyer beware, many giant companies still operate in the dark believing that consumers are not looking deeply into the fine print and well mostly that’s true most folks are busy, and want instant gratification and trust that if it’s natural it can’t hurt… right? For gosh sakes.

As Manufacturers we have a deep responsibility to do no harm. We must tell the “whole” truth about what we are offering. We must constantly strive to improve our standards and make products that are pure, safe and free from synthetics and chemicals that cause harm. Sadly still companies cloak their questionable offerings in words like Natural, Organic and Pure.

What to do? There is only the middle way here, read the label, remain skeptic until proof is clear and keep a chemical and herbal compendium handy at all times, or your smart phone to translate the 25 letter chemical compounds on the label.

Reading the ingredients list on beauty products is like trying to read a foreign language. And let’s be honest most of us just skip it completely and trust the big bold letters on the front that say, ‘natural’ ‘beautifying’ ‘perfecting’ etc… while these are nice, safe and comforting words they are not always the truth. Many of the ingredients in the fine print on the back are actually counterproductive to our skins beauty and health.

One of the most common offenders is mineral oil, which has been linked to skin problems because it clogs pores and interferes with the skin’s natural ability to purge toxins. The subsequent build-up of toxins causes acne, blemishes, itchy, red, and generally unhealthy skin. Mineral oils are only used in skincare products because they are cheap and plentiful, it is a byproduct from distilling crude petroleum oil into gasoline. It is used as a filler in many household items like lotions, make-up, liquid soap, body oil and sunscreen. 

Natural oils are among the oldest skincare remedies from cultures across the world and are enjoying a renaissance in today’s natural skincare market. Organic oils, like the Olive oil used in all of Medicine Mama’s products, are derived naturally and contain potent antioxidants like caffeic acid, oleic acid, and oleuropein. These antioxidants have the natural ability to stimulate skin cell regeneration leading to stronger, smoother and healthier skin. Organic Olive oils high oleic content allows for quick absorption when applied directly on your skin. To sum it up, organic oils are natural, high in antioxidants, and deliver moisture that penetrates and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Although 95% of skin care products contain mineral oil, hope is not lost. There are many natural and organic skin care alternatives to this petroleum by-product. Educating yourself on your options is your greatest tool for truly healthy skin. Next time you’re scouring the skin care aisles, do yourself a favor and check the label. Feel good and be informed about what you’re putting on your skin.

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