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a-poth-e-car-y / e-pathi-kere  circa 1800 : a person who formulates and sells matera medica (medicines) to physicians.

When I first came up with the name for Medicine Mama’s Apothecary several years ago very few people could even pronounce the word apothecary let alone spell it.  Nowadays it has become a catch word in the skin care industry for specialty or bespoke (another old cool word meaning made for the individual need) skin care products.

TODAY, We are so thrilled that Refinery29 featured us in the following article about todays modern Apothecaries and named us one of their favorites!!  

Beauty Apothecaries That Should Be On Your Radar

Where: Medicine Mama's Apothecary, Ojai, CA

The Story:
Because of her severe allergies from pesticides and chemicals, founder Donna Steinmann decided to study plant sciences, herbology, and naturopathy, and eventually earned her license in cosmetology — so you could say she seriously knows her stuff. For the last 20 years, she's devoted her time to researching and formulating her own all-natural healing products, which feature only the highest quality ingredients. While the flagship apothecary resides in Ojai, CA, the line is now sold in thousands of health and wellness stores around the U.S.

What It Offers:
Tell us this: Can you eat any of your skin-care products? Okay, maybe you wouldn't actually want to, but if you did, Medicine Mama's are totally viable options. Its number-one best-seller is Sweet Bee Magic, a cream created from ancient forest honey. All of its products aid in soothing, healing, and providing superior moisture — whether it's for your face, feet, or even your vagina. Yep, if you're having any issues down there, try out Vmagic — a skin-softening balm infused with honey, avocado, sea buckthorn, olive oil, and protective beeswax. 

The Experience

When it comes to customer service, Medicine Mama's doesn't mess around. It offers free shipping all the time, adds samples to every box, and if for some reason what you ordered doesn't fly with you, you get a refund — no questions asked.



Article: Courtesy of Refinery29

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