Don't Let Your Feet Be A Bummer This Summer

Summer is here! And that can only mean one thing… sandal season! How many of you cringe at the sight of your own feet? Do they look and feel callused and cracked? Do your toes have crunchy outta control cuticles with lingering traces of the Christmas party red nail polish? Same here!  So instead of dolling out $45 to your local nail salon, try this quick tip at home solution for dry cracked feet, and an affordable fun toenail touch up.

1. First remove your old Christmas party polish.

2. Soak your feet in warm water with ¼ cup of lemon juice, the lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acid which will help slough off dead skin cells and soften the hard callouses.

3. Now towel dry your feet, really focusing on exfoliating your heels and soles of your feet. Use a rough crunchy towel, pumice stone or a Dry Brush like the one that comes in Medicine Mama’s Body Brush Kit on the built up callous areas of your heals.

4. Mix together 4 TBS of Sweet Bee Magic with 4 TBS coarse sea salt and scrub each foot, sanding down and polishing rough spots, toes, heels and tops of feet.

5. Rinse your feet well with warm water and soap and Voila, you will see and feel a remarkable improvement, practice this regime 3 nights a week before bed and you will have BRAND NEW looking feet thru-out your entire summer sandal season.

BONUS TIP:  Save the $45 dollars and go without polish, because your feet are pretty now, or if you are like me and you feel completely undone and cant step out without polished toes then you can either polish them yourself or go to your local nail salon and pay for a $10 polish ONLY. Having done an excellent at home pedicure you can save the extra $35… and you still get to sit in the salon massage chair for a few minutes!

Happy Summer!

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