Keep It Clean

If you're not cleaning your skin who is? Dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin for an inordinate amount of time bringing forth a vivid image of the Victorian era when people never bathed and the just applied layer after layer of powder and perfume on top of their acrid bodies. Much like the Victorians who never saw fit to take of their clothes and jump into a bath, we never think, “hey! I need to get rid of the dead skin sitting on top of my face.”

Why is it so important to keep your skin clean and exfoliated? Well think of it like this, if you do not undress your skin down to its skivvies and slough off the dead skin many negative things can happen:

1. Acne causing bacteria can build up and become trapped under the skin leading to breakouts and blemishes.

Your skin can become rough and textured; Dead skin can build up more heavily in other places causing your skin to be rough and uneven to the touch.

3. Your skin is more prone to lose its elasticity and collagen buildup if not exfoliated, stimulated and oxygenated.

So cleanse. Brush. Scrub. Exfoliate. Rub. Touch. And get your skin breathing again!

Here’s my favorite DIY exfoliation recipe that you can make at home:

(Give your skin a big scrub down before you put on your daily dose of Sweet Bee.)

2 tbs of honey
2 tbs of oatmeal
½ of an avocado (you can eat the other half!)
2 tbs of coarse sea salt

Mix together into a paste, massage in a circular motion, rinse with warm water and apply magic!


Written by Jaclyn Steinmann, Licensed Ethetician

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