Natural Care for Dry Skin

Winter equals dry skin.  Layering on hats, scarves, gloves and a great protective balm to keep warm and  to prevent your skin from showing the side effects of exposure to a climate of super cold low humidity are the basics. 

 Winter months can really wreak havoc on your skin and make it almost impossible to balance the skins epidermal oil.   Over exposure to harsh elements, along with extra dry heating are just a few of the culprits that can cause some pretty uncomfortable and down right irritable skin issues.  Red, itchy, flaky irritated skin is the number one complaint this time of year, along with dry nasal passages, rashes, deep lines, wrinkles, and super dehydrated, cracked, raw skin can all be caused from overexposure to cold air and dry harsh extreme elements.  

Over the years we have learned a lot of skin information from our loyal customers.  Here's a couple tips and tricks from them, on how to winterize your skin:

-Drink way more water than you think you need, this will help your skin cells to retain fluid and improve the skins function as a protective mantle for the body.

-Cotton clothing is the best fiber next to the skin, beware of polyester or synthetic fibers that can cause dryness, rashes and allergies.

-Going outside to play? Slather a nice layer of protective balm inside the nasal passage to keep the nasal tissue from drying out and cracking.

-Got super dry cracked irritated area around nose or on your lips?  Coat them well with a healing balm all day and especially at night to protect the skin all night long from the exposure to forced air heating systems. Forced air systems pull moisture out the skin and can dry out the skin as much as overexposure to cold air.

-Got real dry skin?  Maybe even contact dermatitis and or eczema?  Log on to ITSAN we think they are the best source of support out their for those with chronic eczema and red skin issues.

-Every single day use the best organic soothing calming and nourishing skin care available.  We've got you covered.

-Zinc Facial Soap is a very soothing soap, as well as moisturizing and nourishing.   Zinc is essential for regular cell growth and regeneration of the epidermis.

 -Keep a jar of Sweet Bee Magic or our Ultra Beauty Balm close to where you most frequently wash your hands.  Immediately apply every time your body or hands get wet.  Protecting your skin with a luxurious healing balm and not a watery lotion is vitally important, remember water based lotions do not replace the dermal oil mantle that is key to keeping your skin juicy, glowing and beautiful!! 

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