Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinet

The cosmetic and beauty industry is a billion dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from and more and more coming out each day. When the flawless complexion of a gorgeous super model is the promised outcome, it’s hard to keep that voice at bay that says, “I need that!” Throughout the year we collect (some of us verging on hoard) cosmetic products.

Most cosmetic products sold by massive corporations that you can buy at the drug store or department store are filled with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. And while they promise to give you the skin of a nineteen year old model they clog the pores and leave a chemical residue on your skin. Layering your skin with tons of different beauty products stresses the skin and may be causing more harm than good, In some cases, using lots of thick “goopy” petroleum based moisturizer, inhibits the skin from making its own natural oils. Other than being just plain toxic and unhealthy for your skin once you open a product like a lotion or cream it oxidizes and can get for lack of a better word “funky” when left open and unused for longer than a few months.

SO here’s what to do: Simplify, consolidate, get organized!

Open your medicine cabinet and look at the products you have. READ the ingredients, if there are over 15 words that you can’t pronounce let alone understand what they are, it’s a good chance that that product is chemical laden and unhealthy for your skin. Toss it out! If you have had something open and not fully used in over a year. toss it out! If you are hanging onto a product because you bought and you don’t really use it but you feel bad about tossing it out. Toss it out!

Here are the 4 essentials for healthy skin:

1 gentle natural cleanser
1 exfoliating scrub
1 all over face and body moisturizer like Sweet Bee Magic
1 face mask for a once a week treatment (I love to put one on in the bathtub!)

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