Benefits of Facial Massages

Are facial massages the key to a healthy, flawless complexion? Top models everywhere are raving about how facial massage keeps their skin, looking and feeling young and keeping breakouts at bay.

Fashion mavens at refinery 29 asked four top models to share their beauty secrets, and more than one of them mentioned facial massage as something they swear by. Super Model Hilary Rhoda also says it is the best beauty trick she had ever picked up backstage. Ever.

So what exactly is facial massage and how do we do it?

Now that you know the benefits of facial massage, you need to know how to do it right. Diane Nakauchi, CEO of Japanese beauty brand Koh Gen Do a registered nurse licensed in facial massage says: “Facial massage in Japan came from the ancient, traditional anma, which literally means ‘to press and stroke.’”

According to Nakauchi facial massage improves the overall health of the skin, increases the lymph and blood flow, and removes toxins and dead skin cells. “The numerous benefits associated with facial massage include increased facial muscle tone; wrinkle reduction; a brighter, more even complexion; reduction of fluids and puffiness; softer skin and increased skin cell renewal. This all adds up to the ‘glow.’”

Best of all, facial massage is something that you can do to yourself very simply at home for immediate, noticeable results. Be sure to use a dollop of bee magic while you give yourself a relaxing, contouring, stimulating facial massage! The video below will show yo how to give yourself an incredible facial massage! 


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