Best Moisturizer for a New Tattoo

Since the inception of our company we’ve been surprised to see the incredible amount of feedback we got from customers who use Sweet Bee Magic as aftercare for their new tattoos! Personally, I was really intrigued. Since I don’t have a tattoo myself, I didn’t quite know what the importance of tattoo care was. Nor did I know why so many people considered Sweet Bee Magic to be the best moisturizer for a new tattoo – a substantial improvement over traditional tattoo lotions like Aquaphor and Vaseline and even specially designed products like Tattoo Goo.

The first thing I noticed when I began researching the topic was that there were many people advising against any moisturizer use on new tattoos, citing the fact that moisturizers can damage a new tattoo by leeching ink out of it, as well as cause infections and scabbing. Further research revealed that these suggestions refer primarily to traditional tattoo care products, which are petroleum based. So, what makes petroleum jelly moisturizers bad for your new tattoo, and what makes Sweet Bee Magic a viable alternative?

What’s wrong with A&D for tattoos?

Many tattoo aftercare sheets recommend washing with anti-bacterial soap and treating with A&D or Bacitracin Ointment for 3-5 days, and then following that up with skin lotion. In fact, much like our experience with common Eczema medications, petroleum jelly was, until recently, the most widely used and recommended product in tattoo aftercare – it’s highly available, inexpensive, and seemed at first sight to do the job fairly well. What many have discovered, however, is that petroleum based products both have no healing agents, meaning that they are essentially ineffective in soothing and healing the sensitive skin, and tend to drain the color from the tattoo itself.

Then, along came the over-the-counter triple anti-biotic ointment, Neosporin. It had a healing agent that was good at fighting infection, and it didn’t pull the color out of tattoos like petroleum jelly. After a few years of Neosporin being the #1 product recommended for tattoo aftercare, it soon became apparent that it was falling short of its expectations. Several people were coming up with allergic reactions to the ointment, and were getting tiny red bumps on their tattoos. After these red bumps disappeared, they took the ink along with them and the customer was left with a “spotted” tattoo.

Now, obviously it is up to you and your tattoo artist to decide which is the best lotion for your new tattoo. But we highly recommend trying Sweet Bee Magic as your new tattoo moisturizer, and here’s why:

Why is Sweet Bee Magic perfect for your new tattoo?

We’ve mentioned this before on our blog, but honey is a natural antibiotic, and possesses natural antiseptic properties. These properties can keep your tattoo clean and free of infection. The natural olive oil (which is closet to natural hum sebum) in Sweet Bee Magic keeps your ink looking fresh, while the Propolis helps reduce inflammation, keeping redness at bay!

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