Magic Wand to Rescue Acne Scars

Suffering through years of heavy acne only to be greeted by unseemly acne scars can be dispiriting, not least because many assume that, unlike the pimples, the acne scars are permanent. Acne scars are particularly common among people who wave dry skin, since the dry, dehydrated skin scars more easily and has more difficulty healing. Here are the basic facts you need to know about acne scars:

What are acne scars?

There are a few different types of acne, and each one causes different scarring. Contrary to popular myth, acne scars aren’t necessarily caused by picking at pimples (although some are). Rather, some types of acne will cause scarring, while others will go away if left alone. While many of your acne scars will decrease and fade with time, sometimes the inflammation is so bad that the skin won’t be able to repair itself correctly at all, which will form a permanent scar.

While severe cases of acne scars can only be treated with laser surgery, that doesn’t mean you can’t significantly reduce the scars using natural remedies. The Sweet Bee Magic Wand is particularly effective in helping minimize acne scars. When we designed the wand, we made sure that it’s shape would make it easy to apply to a specific area of the skin, while the increased concentration of Beeswax in the wand means it will stay on the skin for a lot longer than the Sweet Bee Magic will.

We talk about the amazingly potent ingredients in the Wand at length throughout our blog, but those ingredients are wonderfully effective in reducing visible acne scars:

Honey for Acne Treatment

We’ve mentioned before that honey promotes tissue regeneration, which is why applying raw honey to a wound helps it heal. The same principle applies when using raw honey to treat acne scars. The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic elements in honey help the skin repair itself. Whenever we talk about honey, it’s important to remember that not all honey is created equal – in fact the only honey that’s actually effective in treating acne scars (or anything else) is raw, unfiltered honey. That’s why we only use GloryBee Organic Honey from Brazil to make all of our products. Click here to learn more about our honey.

Avocado Oil Treatment

While we rely on honey in all of our products, what makes the Sweet Bee Magic Wand ideal for treating Acne Scars is the large amount of Avocado Oil we include in the formula (that’s what gives it a greenish tint). Oils such as Avocado and Rosehipseed contain high amounts of vitamin C. This antioxidant is excellent for helping to fade pigmentation and scarring.

Avocado Oil reduces the inflammation of the sebaceous gland (which is the gland that produces Sebum Oil, the oil responsible for blemishes and pimples), while promoting cell regeneration. This means that as a moisturizer, Avocado Oil is not only safe for oily or acne prone skin, but is actually beneficial in treating and preventing acne. On the other hand, for dry or scarred skin, Avocado Oil helps promote cell regeneration, helping the skin repair itself.

When coupled with our other ingredients, such as the honey, propolis, beeswax and organic olive oil, the Avocado Oil makes the Sweet Bee Magic Wand a potent and effective treatment against acne and acne scars. Since it’s packaged in an applicator (kind of like a lip balm but a lot bigger), the Wand is especially convenient for pointed application to the affected area.

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