Revitalizing Neglected Skin

Those hard to reach nooks and crannies, such as elbows, behind knees, the back, and behind the ears are places that are so often neglected in our daily skin care regime. Have you ever been startled by your own course scaly elbow skin as it brushes against your side?! I have. So, we need to deep exfoliate and deep condition these desert dry areas in order to bring them back to life! The ideal method for getting rid of these dehydrated ashy patches is dry brushing. A nice natural bristle brush can likely be purchased at your local health food store.

Start in a circular motion from head to toe, but pay those dry and coarse areas some extra attention. Spend some more time on your elbows and knees and watch as the dry skin flakes off. Don’t forget to brush behind the ears and neck. There is actually a great amount of dead skin build-up in those areas that’s hard to see because it is not often coarse but will become soft with moisture. This needs to be exfoliated as well. After you have thoroughly brushed your skin, giving those forgotten spots some extra love, it is time to hop in the shower. Lather up with your favorite gentle cleanser and be sure to get all of the soap residue off. For extra stimulation I like to turn the water as cold as it gets to get the blood circulating, which stimulates heathy cell turnover.

Now start toweling off in a circular motion from head to toe. Once you are totally dry, apply a generous amount of our very own Sweet Bee Magic liberally all over the body – deep condition your extra dry areas by applying more. Awake the next morning with baby smooth skin. Remember – let no skin become neglected!

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