Animal Testing

The Apothecary Says No,  To Animal Testing.


We've been asked lately about whether or not Medicine Mama's uses animal testing, and the simple answer is, no. With our natural ingredients are products are down-right edible. The raw materials - olive oil, honey, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, avocado oil, sea buckthorn and calendula are all food grade and BEE APPROVED.

All of Medicine Mama’s products are crafted with edible food grade raw materials,  “animal testing” doesn’t apply at all.  It would be like testing a carrot on a fluffy white rabbit before the carrot’s allowed to be taken to market, we have no need for animal testing.   We use no synthetic preservatives, binder, fillers, or chemicals of any kind in our products.  We won’t EVER use any materials that fall into the category of “harmful if swallowed” or “keep away from eyes, ears, mouth and nose” or skull and cross-bone carcinogen toxins.

The one crucial test we do is to send random selected units from our product line to the lab for stability testing.  A sped up process of over-oxidation in a chamber to measure the rate that the product loses color, smell and consistency.  This process is used for date coding. Many skin care companies have to use binders and stabilizers to make their product shelf stable.  Those synthetic preservatives and binder ingredients are what you have to watch out for.

Additionally we test our products for irritants on humans.  We regularly send samples for dermatological testing for allergens and irritants on human skin and our products consistently rates a perfect ZERO on all levels of irritation.  Which is a big deal to those of you who have sensitive skin or have a child suffering from easy irritation.  We love our animals and care for them as we would our own skin.

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