Preparing for that Mistletoe Kiss

Frequently Kissed Lips are Healthier Lips

This is that sweet holiday time of year when our lips work extra hard keeping our loved ones loved with kisses and comfort. With the cold blizzarding in, especially on our East Coast Bee Friends, we want to send out our love and concern for your lips. The cold can have a crushing effect on your key way of expressing love, the kiss.  So we want to help in our own Medicine Mama’s way, by giving you our Blizzard Deal. Order the Big Kiss Lip Brushing Kit and enter in our promo code, “kissykissy” to get 30% off!

Think about this the next time you kiss.

Your lips, unlike your skin, have no sweat glands, hair, or sebaceous glands to assist in locking in the moisture and our own natural body oils. The lips are made up of only 3-5 cellular layers compared to the rest of our skin which can have up to 16 layers of skin.  Thus, your lips are so much more delicate and sensitive and require some attention.

With all the things to do this cold holiday time, don’t neglect your exfoliation.  It’s not always at the top of our holiday list until the lips start screaming “moisturize me!” in the form of chapping, cracking, and peeling. Lip dry brushing is key to helping your lips shed off that old skin and bacteria along with preparing it for an important coat of Bee Magic Wand to moisturize and restore them to their former glory. 

It’s best to do dry brushing in the morning before a shower. Brushing gently on your dry skin will stimulate circulation and cell rejuvenation, helping your lips and skin have that glow that photoshop can’t capture. Be careful to not brush cracks or already damaged areas, instead moisturize it with our healing Wand.

Kissing can be quite exfoliating in itself, so if you don’t have a dry brush on hand but have a special someone, find some mistletoe and ask them to romantically exfoliate with you… it’ll be a request they’ve never had before.



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