Rosemary and Orange Salt Scrub

Here’s a little gift to brush up on your culinary cosmetics.  To make this salt scrub, take the rind from an orange and the woody herb, rosemary, to create a very awakening experience for the skin.

Oranges have powerful anti-oxidants that help fight off wrinkles and sagging of skin.  They can also help improve blemishes and restore calcium back into your skin.  Be sure to use organic oranges as the rind holds on to any pesticide spray and can be more harmful and irritating to your skin.  Also be aware that if you have sensitive skin, orange rinds might be too strong to use topically.

Rosemary is a very refreshing smell, not only for your mind, but for your epidermis.  It also contains very powerful anti-oxidants to help those lines and wrinkles but more importantly it’s very cleansing and antibiotic which reduces swelling and puffiness.  It’s very soothing to burns and irritated skin including dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Combining these two beautiful gifts from nature into a scrub is one way for you to extend the gift on to a person you love.



1 cups  Kosher salt

½ cup Olive Oil
5-8 sprigs of Rosemary
the peel of 1 Orange
Will Need:
mortar and pestle or a muddler and a bowl
a charming jar
Use a sharp knife to peel the orange rind off, slice into very thin strips, then mince.

Shred the rosemary needles off the branch by pulling against the growth of the needles.  Chop up the rosemary to help release more scent and make them softer for the scrub.

Place ½ cup of the kosher salt in your mortar and pestle along with the orange rind and rosemary.  Muddle the three ingredients till you’re satisfied.  Pour in the rest of your salt and the olive oil, mixing gently.

Place this wonderful scrub into that charming jar and label it for your next gift exchange.

 When using, be sure to not apply the salt scrub to any open wounds with the salt.  Rinse off, then apply Sweet Bee Magic to bring the exfoliated skin to a glowing shine.

Coarse sugar can be substituted for the salt being careful to not muddle too long as the sugars will dissolve more quickly.

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