Reducing Chemical Use in Your Life

Reducing Chemicals In Your Life

Have you decided to be more mindful of chemical use in your life? While living in our industrialized world poses a difficult situation for many that are reducing chemical exposure, many of us have a plan for being more mindful and wary of harmful chemicals we come into contact with every day. Whether you are interested in beginning a long-term campaign for ridding your life of chemical use and exposure, or if you’re just thinking of trying a more natural approach to living, we have some tips for you!

  1. Start with organic products. Not everyone can find organic options near them, especially on a budget. However, try switching just a few products to their organic counterparts to reduce your exposure to pesticides.
  2. Get the skinny on the products you already use. Many body care products are filled with chemicals that cause skin irritations, mild allergic or sensitivity reactions, or do long-term damage to your health. Many manufacturers of these products get away with this because the damage seems to be on a small scale and may not even be noticeable to you over time. However, if you were to use more natural products, you may see a boost in your personal health and better looking skin and hair. Use products from a company you trust, like Medicine Mama’s. Our line of products is safe and scores a perfect “0” on the irritant index in dermatologist tests.
  3.  Try natural cleaning products. Lots of the solutions you use to clean your home can leave behind harmful residues and fumes for period of time. Have you ever gotten a headache after using too much disinfectant or spent the day spring cleaning? Much of what goes into products to help kill bacteria and other unwanted organisms in your home are also known irritants. Many natural options have antibacterial qualities and can help keep your house healthy and looking great. Vinegar and baking soda are often in recipes for homemade cleaning products, and there are more and more safe and organic products coming up in the market.
  4. Use natural methods to control pests. Some “pests” are great for your home and yard and actually eat other pests. However, if you do need to kill some unwanted renters in your home, try using natural methods or safer products to get rid of them. For example, if your dog or cat has fleas, consult your veterinarian about safer products to get rid of them.
  5. Do your research. You can’t trust every product you buy to be totally honest about irritants and chemical use. However, you can look into these on your own. You can also consult a doctor that specializes in natural health and living methods.

As a consumer, you can demand better and safer products for you and your families. If something irritates you or you feel it may not be safe, err on the side of caution by choosing a more natural method or asking for advice from a health professional. Irritants and allergies to many chemicals can go untreated for years, causing long-term damage. Good luck in finding your perfect balance with the products you use, and know that you can always trust Medicine Mama to make products that are safe, pure, clean, and free of toxins and irritants!

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