Valentine's Day is just around the corner …

Make kissable lips your Valentine's Day accessory. More than the perfect dress or killer shoes, kissable lips are the most important accessory for your Valentine's date night.

Before you apply your perfect shade of soft pink or luscious red its important to soften, smooth and plump your lips. Your lips, unlike your skin, have no sweat glands, hair, or sebaceous glands to assist in locking in the moisture and our own natural body oils.

The lips are made up of only 3-5 cellular layers compared to the rest of our skin which can have up to 16 layers of skin.  Thus, your lips are so much more delicate and sensitive and require some attention.

Lip exfoliation is key to helping your lips shed off that old skin and bacteria along with preparing it for an important coat of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand to moisturize and restore them to their former glory. 

It’s best to dry-brush exfoliate in the morning before a shower. I like to use a tooth brush or a dry towel. Brushing gently on your dry skin will stimulate circulation and cell rejuvenation. After a few minutes of exfoliating in a circular motion, massage on a thick coat of Sweet Bee Magic. Your lips will be plump and pink from all of the circulation, free of dry dead skin, and extra soft!

Kissing can be quite exfoliating and plumping in itself, so get close to your Valentine and use your soft kissable lips!

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