Sara Reardon

Meet Dr. Sara Reardon, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD - Board-Certified Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Meet Dr. Sara Reardon, affectionately known as "The Vagina Whisperer." With an impressive blend of clinical expertise and a down-to-earth approach, Dr. Reardon is a beacon for women navigating the often-overlooked area of pelvic health. As the founder of NOLA Pelvic Health, her dedication goes beyond traditional physical therapy; she's on a mission to transform the conversation around women's pelvic wellness.

Credentials and Background

Dr. Reardon laid her educational foundations at Washington University in St. Louis, earning both her Bachelor of Science in 2004 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007. Her academic journey didn't stop with graduation. Her quest for specialized knowledge led her to become a Board-Certified Women's Health Clinical Specialist, a distinction that speaks to her depth of expertise in female pelvic medicine.

Further sharpening her focus, Dr. Reardon obtained a Board Certification in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback. This specialized training allows her to offer treatments that are not only innovative but also deeply attuned to the subtle dynamics of pelvic health. Her excellence in the field has not gone unnoticed. 

In 2019, Dr. Reardon was honored with the Alumni Achievement Award from her alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, recognizing her significant contributions to women's health. That same year, she was named one of New Orleans' Top 40 Under 40 Young Professionals, cementing her status as a leading voice in her community and a trailblazer in healthcare.

This robust educational and professional background forms the backbone of Dr. Reardon's practice, equipping her with the tools to provide care that is both compassionate and cutting-edge. Her approach is shaped by a profound understanding that true healing begins with education and empowerment, principles that guide her work every day at Medicine Mama.

Professional Journey

Dr. Sara Reardon’s career in pelvic health began in Austin and Dallas, where she first developed her passion for this specialized field. Her work there laid the groundwork for what would become a lifelong commitment to advancing women's health. In 2017, she returned to her hometown of New Orleans, driven by a vision to fill a critical gap in healthcare services.

In 2018, she founded New Orleans' only pelvic floor health specialty clinic, NOLA Pelvic Health, initially operating out of a yoga studio one day a week. The community's response was overwhelmingly positive, and demand for her services grew so rapidly that within just four months, Dr. Reardon expanded into her own dedicated space. 

Her clinic now serves as a vital resource for women across the region, offering specialized care that addresses a wide range of pelvic floor issues often neglected in traditional healthcare settings. Her journey is marked by a desire not just to treat but also to educate and empower her patients, shifting the narrative from silence and stigma to openness and understanding.

Role and Impact at Medicine Mama

At Medicine Mama, Dr. Sara Reardon infuses her deep expertise in pelvic health into every layer of our mission, propelling our commitment to bold and pure care for women. Known for her pioneering spirit, she spearheads the integration of clinical insights with our holistic health philosophy, enhancing our suite of vulva care products with a keen eye on efficacy and safety grounded in scientific research.

Dr. Reardon's influence stretches far beyond the formulation of products. She is a driving force behind our educational programs, crafting workshops and digital content that transform complex health information into accessible, empowering knowledge for women everywhere. Through her efforts, Medicine Mama champions the open discussion of topics many shy away from, helping dismantle the barriers of misunderstanding and stigma associated with women's health.

Her vibrant role extends Medicine Mama’s reach and impact, making us not just a brand but a community where every woman’s health journey is respected and supported. Dr. Reardon's contributions ensure our ethos of empowering women through education and effective care is woven into the very fabric of what we do, enhancing not only our products but also enriching the lives of our customers.

Contributions to Women's Health

Dr. Reardon's dedication to women's health is evident through her direct work with patients and her broader educational efforts. At NOLA Pelic Health, she has established a supportive environment where women can address pelvic floor issues openly and receive treatment that is both empathetic and effective. Her practice specializes in a variety of conditions, including pelvic pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and recovery from pregnancy and postpartum.

She is also the founder of an online platform that extends her reach beyond New Orleans, offering telehealth sessions that support, empower, and educate women globally. This initiative reflects her commitment to making pelvic health resources accessible to all women, regardless of their location.

Her influence is further amplified through her active social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she shares tips and insights about pregnancy, postpartum life, and general pelvic health. This outreach has not only built a substantial following but has also sparked important conversations about topics that are often considered taboo.

Beyond the Clinic

Dr. Reardon’s work transcends the walls of her clinic. As a mother of two, she brings personal experience to her professional role, deeply understanding the physical and emotional challenges women face throughout various life stages. This personal insight enriches her empathetic approach to care, making her a trusted ally for her patients and followers alike.

Her efforts to normalize pelvic floor conversations are part of a larger movement to change the way society views women's health. By speaking openly about vaginal health, she challenges existing norms and encourages a more inclusive and understanding approach to women’s health issues.

Future Aspirations

Looking forward, Dr. Reardon is committed to continuing her advocacy and expanding her educational efforts. She aims to influence the standard of care in women’s health, advocating for systemic changes that ensure all women receive the comprehensive support they need. Her vision includes growing her online platform to include more resources, increasing her involvement in professional training for healthcare providers, and continuing to advocate for policy changes that support women's health.

Empowering Change: Dr. Sara Reardon's Mission for Women's Health

Dr. Sara Reardon is not just a healthcare provider but a visionary leader in women’s health. Her profound impact through clinical practice, educational outreach, and advocacy demonstrates her commitment to transforming how pelvic health is understood and treated. Join her as she continues to break barriers and empower women to take active roles in their health care, promoting a healthier, more informed, and supportive society.

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