Carolyn Moyers

Meet Dr. Carolyn Moyers, DO, FACOG, MSCP-IF - Board Certified OB-GYN and Menopause Practitioner at Medicine Mama

When you first encounter Dr. Carolyn Moyers, you immediately sense her dedication to transforming women's health care. With a unique blend of expertise in osteopathic manipulative treatment and menopause management, Dr. Moyers is more than a medical professional — she is a relentless advocate for women's well-being.

Credentials and Background

Dr. Moyers began her medical journey at the University of North Texas Health Science Center-Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she not only earned her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine but also a pre-doctoral fellowship specializing in neuromusculoskeletal medicine. Her residency at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center further solidified her expertise in obstetrics and gynecology.

Certified by the North American Menopause Society as a Menopause Practitioner, Dr. Moyers brings a comprehensive approach to dealing with perimenopause and menopause, integrating her deep understanding of body mechanics through osteopathic manipulative treatment.

Professional Journey

Dr. Moyers' path wasn't linear. After years in private practice, the birth of her third son prompted a pivotal shift in her career. The challenges of balancing family life with the demands of her profession led her to embrace a part-time role, which eventually didn't fulfill her passion for hands-on patient care. This period of reflection and recalibration sparked the creation of Sky Women’s Health, a concierge practice focusing on perimenopause, menopause, pelvic pain, and sexual medicine.

Her practice is built on the foundation of providing personalized, unhurried care — a response to the often impersonal and rushed healthcare settings that leave little room for genuine patient-doctor interactions. Here, Dr. Moyers flourishes, applying her specialized skills in osteopathic treatment to address back and pelvic pain, offering women not just relief but also a roadmap to better health.

Role and Impact at Medicine Mama

At Medicine Mama, Dr. Carolyn Moyers applies her extensive knowledge to enhance the brand's commitment to natural and holistic women’s health solutions. Her work specifically supports the development of products and educational resources focused on menopausal and perimenopausal health, areas often overshadowed in broader health discussions. She brings a critical eye to the integration of scientifically backed ingredients that support vulvar wellness, ensuring each product adheres to the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Dr. Moyers also plays a key role in shaping the educational outreach of Medicine Mama, creating content that bridges the gap between complex medical knowledge and accessible consumer information. Through webinars, community talks, and online resources, she educates women about the importance of vulva care, encouraging open discussions that challenge societal taboos and promote a more inclusive understanding of women’s health.

Her collaborative efforts with other healthcare professionals within Medicine Mama ensure the products not only meet clinical needs but also resonate with the real-life experiences of women at various life stages. This teamwork enriches the brand’s offerings, making Medicine Mama a trusted name in holistic women’s health. Dr. Moyers’ influence is integral to the brand’s mission of empowering women to be in touch with their bodies and womankind, fostering a community where health education leads to positive and proactive health choices.

Contributions to Women’s Health

Dr. Carolyn Moyers is not just treating symptoms but addressing the root causes of women's health issues with a focus on holistic care. Her expertise in hormone replacement therapy and pelvic health has propelled the development of innovative gynecological programs that offer new hope to women dealing with complex menopausal symptoms. Her approach integrates the best of medical science with a deep understanding of body dynamics, providing tailored treatments that extend well beyond the standard care.

Her advocacy extends into the public sphere, where she uses her platform to demystify menopause and pelvic pain, giving women the tools and knowledge to navigate these challenges. Her efforts ensure that women's health issues are treated and understood, allowing for informed health choices and improved quality of life.

Beyond the Clinic

Dr. Moyers' influence stretches far beyond the walls of her practice. As the host of the Sky Women Podcast, she dives deep into critical topics related to women's health, offering her audience access to conversations with experts across various fields. These discussions are not only informative but also empowering, helping to break down the barriers that often surround women's health topics.

Her role as a mother of four boys also shapes her understanding of family dynamics and the importance of support systems in managing health and wellness. She brings this personal insight into her practice, offering a compassionate perspective that resonates deeply with her patients. Her life at home mirrors her professional ethos — promoting health, understanding, and support as fundamental elements of wellness.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Dr. Moyers is passionate about expanding her influence on women’s health. She plans to continue refining her practice while also increasing her involvement in community-based education and advocacy. Her goal is to foster a broader understanding of women's health issues, particularly those related to hormonal changes, ensuring women from all walks of life have access to the care and information they need.

Dr. Moyers is also keen on developing new wellness programs that integrate osteopathic manipulative treatment with traditional medical care, providing a more comprehensive approach to health that aligns perfectly with Medicine Mama’s philosophy of natural and intentional care for women.

Leading With Compassion: Dr. Carolyn Moyers' Vision for Women's Health

More than a physician, Dr. Carolyn Moyers is a visionary in women’s health care. Her commitment to enhancing the well-being of women through holistic, informed, and compassionate care makes her a pivotal member of the Medicine Mama team. 

Join her as she continues to lead the way in empowering women to take charge of their health, advocating for better care, and nurturing an environment where women’s health is prioritized and celebrated.

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