Let’s talk Menopause and Vulvar Dryness

When you think of a ‘skincare routine’, what comes to mind? Step 1: Cleanse. Step 2: Tone. Step 3: Moisturize. Your face and neck absolutely deserve all the attention. But there’s a commonly forgotten part of our body that needs some lovin’ – our vulva. 

Vulvar dryness (some use the term vaginal, but we’re speaking to the external area here) is a common symptom many women experience during and after menopause. Yet, while we readily swap suggestions on the latest face creams and serums, it might feel uncomfortable discussing changes in your intimate areas.

Breaking news: it’s 2022 and it’s more than okay to talk about feminine health. So, why does your vulvar area feel like a desert, and how can we splash some nutrient-rich moisture down there? 

Getting to Know Your Vulva

The first step to a solution is problem-identification. Although you and your vulva have spent years in each other’s company, from pleasure to pain and possibly even pregnancy together, how well do you actually know each other?

While you don’t have to become BFFs, it’s a good idea to be more than just casual acquaintances. Begin by familiarizing yourself with your vulva by using a hand mirror to examine the area and checking for bumps, lumps, or any physical changes.

 A regular self-exam can detect inflammation or irritation and will help you identify whether to loop in your doctor or try out some OTC products for menopause-induced changes. 

So, Who Invited Vulvar Dryness? 

Speaking of menopausal changes, while there are many causes to vulvar dryness (breastfeeding, waxing, medications), menopause seems to be the main driver.

Although early in life we may not give it much thought, our vulva does experience some familiar skin irritations that we feel on our T-zone: dryness, irritation, itching. During menopause, this can be a daily challenge. Going for walks becomes running back home (I guess we get some extra cardio in?). Sitting down becomes swiftly crossing your legs over and over (be cool, no one will notice we’re actually scratching my lady parts). Vulvar dryness may become the reason why you resent this change happening in your body. It may even be the reason why you feel menopause is the not-so-slippery slope to a ‘dry’ sex life. We don’t want that. We love our bodies. We embrace our bodies. 

Vulvar Dryness & Sex – How? 

Around the time of menopause, we know our bodies produce less estrogen (our sex hormone crew). This can trigger the hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, even thinning of the tissues in the vagina causing inner and outer dryness. How do we feel? Sex may hurt more. 

Intimacy, though, is an important part of a relationship and you’re not planning on stopping any time soon (nor should you!). 

So, in comes all the training from a full life of unexpected changes: we know how to take a challenge and face it head on. How?

  1. MORE SEX HELPS: As contradictory as that sounds, a regular sex life helps thicken and moisten the vaginal tissues, maintaining a healthy, smooth ride.
  2. VULVAR MOISTURIZER: We get by with a little help from our friends. Here comes the added step in your skincare routine! A gentle, soothing external moisturizer can help with the daily discomforts that may chip away at our internal sunshine. 
  3. SEE YOUR DOC: If you’re not seeing improvements, it may be time to pay your gyno a visit for further support.  

Vulvar Dryness Turned Vulvar Relief

Here’s the good news – vulvar dryness, while uncomfortable, can be treatable.

Life’s twists and turns are always welcomed when we have a friend by our side, and we found your new best friend: a vulvar moisturizer. Yes, your V-zone can be smooth and soft, too! The right vulvar moisturizer not only calms irritation and dryness, but it does so sustainably. Who wants to be running to the bathroom every hour on the hour to lather themselves? A light, thin layer of moisturizer can undo all the challenges that have interrupted your normal life. 

Vmagic does just that. When personal grooming turns into your personal dark place, turn to Vmagic. The Vmagic Vulva Balm is an all-natural, organic moisturizer that’ll make you proud of your V. Rich in EVOO and a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced honey and healing agents, the ingredients alone make your soul feel soothed. With no synthetic dyes, hormones, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, or parabens, Vmagic helps to hydrate and moisturize sensitive vulvar skin.

Turn vulvar dryness into an opportunity to enhance your skincare routine, from head to toe (and everything in between).

Shop Vmagic today!

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