MEET Dr. clare bertucio

Clare Bertucio, M.D.

Founding Chief Medical Officer, Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

Dr. Clare Bertucio is the chief executive officer of Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, a company offering wholly natural and organic skincare and personal care products. Clare received her medical degree from the prestigious Mayo Clinic’s medical school and practiced as a radiation oncologist for 20 years. Most recently, she was honored to be asked to serve on the nine-physician Alaska COVID-19 task force.

Clare was introduced to Medicine Mama’s Apothecary approximately eight years ago, when her family had the opportunity to be early investors in the company. As a dedicated longtime fan and user of the line, Clare was excited by every new product that emerged as the company transitioned from a single product lovingly created in a California kitchen to a widely-distributed producer of high-quality skincare and personal care solutions. When the opportunity to become CEO arose, Clare was thrilled by the many possibilities and enthusiastically stepped into the position.

As a radiation oncologist—having seen the severe skin reactions that can be caused by cancer treatments—Clare has a passion for helping people live their healthiest lives through a combination of traditional medicine and natural, minimalistic beauty and personal care products. As a mother, Clare understands the need for all-purpose solutions that can help provide relief from cuts, scrapes, burns and other daily skin ailments. And as a woman, Clare wants to empower other women to talk openly about their bodies. The quintessential “medicine mama,” Clare hopes to bring the versatility of the Vmagic brands to every medicine cabinet in the United States and beyond.

Clare’s connection to nature and naturally-derived ingredients began during her childhood when her parents grew grapes for local wineries in California. She and her husband have continued in this tradition through the cultivation and harvest of olives for oil on their own property. Currently residing in Alaska, they spend much of their free time enjoying the beauty of the land and participating in outdoor sports, such as snow and mountain biking, skiing, camping and hiking.