Quarantine Care for Down There

Quarantine Care for Down There

Self-care tips to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic seem to be everywhere. From creating DIY facial masks to learning how to deep condition your hair, the internet (thankfully) is full of the latest and greatest beauty ideas to keep us feeling spirited and glamorous — right from the comfort of our homes.

But your area down there deserves some lovin’ too. It’s important to make vaginal health a priority during this unprecedented time so that you continue to feel fresh and clean. That’s why we compiled a list of tips to care for your V while at home.

Avoid Tight Clothing While You Can

Being at home means more freedom to wear comfy clothes all day long — including underwear. Now is a great time to avoid wearing uncomfortable, tight underwear or kinds made of synthetic fabrics (so say goodbye to those lacey pairs, ladies!). Panties that are too tight can cause sweating and irritation, which can lead to an increased risk of vaginal infections. So start digging through those drawers and look for those good old pairs of cotton underwear!

Wash Properly

Practicing good hygiene is a must for your vagina while you’re at home. Using soaps that are unscented and mild, like the Vmagic Feminine Wash, will gently clean and nourish intimate skin. And skip the douching — it can actually lead to a higher risk of infections by disrupting your vagina’s pH levels.

Don’t Ignore Infections

While you understandably may not want to or can’t visit a doctor’s office right now, it doesn’t mean vaginal infections should be completely ignored. Not treating infections, whether it’s a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or trichomoniasis, can cause pain and long-term damage to your health, possibly leading to even worse infections. So DO contact your doctor when something doesn’t look, smell, or feel right. If possible, try setting up a telemedicine appointment — versus the standard in-person kind — to avoid exposure, while still getting the care you need.

Eat Right

Try incorporating vagina-friendly foods whenever possible, such as plain Greek yogurt, avocados, fresh cranberries, and almonds. And don’t forget about your longtime pal water: staying hydrated helps to reduce dryness and infections. But hey, we know these times are tough, so if you find yourself eating a whole bag of chips late at night or having three extra cookies after dinner, we’re all for it!4th Way Fulfillment

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