Keep Your Love Strong in Lockdown

Keep Your Love Strong in Lockdown

You’ve always been in love. You look forward to weeknight dinners with your partner to catch up about your days. You countdown to the weekend because you get to spend quality time together. And you still get excited for your monthly date-night at your favorite local spot.

But then suddenly, you’re forced to spend 24/7 with your significant other with no separation at all. And you may even have to spend this time together in a small apartment (hello city couples!). We get it — you didn’t sign up for this.

The last thing you need right now is extra stress. Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic put a strain on your relationship. Instead, look at it as a special opportunity to reconnect with your partner and strengthen your love all over again.

Add Date Nights to the Calendar

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean date nights are cancelled. Now’s the time to get creative and schedule an at-home activity together. Dust off an old board game and see who wins. Get crafty and paint together. Think of a crazy cocktail recipe and enjoy it with one another. Turn your home into your favorite weekend nightclub and dance the night away. Don’t let being home stop you and your significant other from doing what you love together.

Take Care of Your Body

Showing your body the love it deserves right now will do wonders for your relationship and overall well being. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be able to better your emotional and physical connection with your partner. Stop making excuses and try out that video workout you’ve been wanting to do. Take a nice, long shower using Vmagic Feminine Wash and feel fresh all day long. And if you do get intimate with your partner, make sure to apply your Vmagic before and after any activity.

Pencil in Alone Time

Everyone needs some time to themself, especially during a time like this. Remember to partake in activities that you enjoy and spend some time alone with your own thoughts each day. Whether it’s going for a solo walk, reading your book, or taking a bath, make sure to set aside some time for you. Allowing yourself this extra space will help cultivate an even stronger relationship and make your at-home date nights that much better.

Socialize With Others

You don’t have to rely on your partner as your only source of communication and connection during this unprecedented time. Take advantage of all the video chat applications out there, like Skype, Facetime and Zoom, and stay connected with others too! Phone an old friend, set up an online happy hour, and celebrate milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries virtually. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is so important in all aspects of your life right now. You’re going to have good days and bad days — it’s a fact. So it’s important to be open with your partner and communicate when you may be feeling blue. Make sure to also express gratitude towards one another too. A little “thank you” or a nice compliment goes a long way during this crazy time.

This goes for the new working norm, too. Many couples are now going to be working from home together, which is something you may have never done before. Take the time to talk about each other’s working habits, daily meetings and calls, and your ideal working environment. This will help avoid unnecessary conflicts ahead of time.

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