Let's Face It, Winter Is Coming!

Let's Face It, Winter Is Coming!

3 easy daily tips to keep your skin looking luscious, weather or not!

Weather changes often leave our skin dehydrated, especially our face. Facial skin can become chronically dry, chapped and irritated due to the fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Left untreated mild skin irritations and dead cell bacteria build up can turn into eczema, dermatitis and other hard to manage skin issues.

With a few simple daily adjustments to your skin care routine you can maintain super healthy skin in any weather condition no matter how extreme the climate or condition.

Medicine Mama recommends 3 quick and easy tips to keep your skin moisturized, nourished and protected no matter what the seasonal weather changes bring.

  1. Keep your skin exfoliated: dehydrated skin cells build up in cooler weather this means new cell turnover is sluggish, decreasing circulation and clogging pores with impure dead cell matter. Exfoliation is a must for the entire body and especially the face during the long, cold, dry, fall and winter seasons. Exfoliation improves circulation, stimulates cell turnover, improves tone texture and leaves your skin with a youthful rosy glow. We recommend you exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week, if not every day with an all natural product like our Ultra Facial Scrub.
  1. Keep your skin cleansed: Use a mild facial cleanser like our Zinc Facial Bar to remove bacteria, sweat, make-up and general environmental debris- dust, smog, sweat and bacteria. You may not be able to see the microscopic build up that lands on your face but it is there and it needs to be removed daily if not twice a day. Upon rising in the morning to revitalize and refresh after slumber and again before bed to cleanse away the days grime.

  2. Last but in fact the most important: After cleansing and exfoliation the skins protective dermal oils will need replenishing. This is really important and can’t be emphasized enough. Oils, the right kind, are not only good for your skin they are essential barriers that protect the skin from bacteria and environmental free radicals and nourish the skin with vitally important EFA’s that keep our skin luscious, plump and glowing. We recommend using our olive oil based Ultra Beauty Balm to moisturize your face.

That’s it just 3 easy steps, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize! No matter what the weather brings, your skin can maintain its’ naturally beautiful!

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