Tips & Tricks from Dad

"Sweet Bee Magic is my go to aftershave moisturizer. It has completely eliminated razor bumps and the irritating in-grown hair issues. Also razor burn and rash NEVER happen. I won’t shave without it."  – Leon S

“I am a busy Dad of 2 girls and work in the construction business, before my wife discovered Sweet Bee Magic my hands were always dry and cracking and I could never get them to heal and I tried a lot of stuff! Sweet Bee Magic is the only thing I found to actually work and now all my construction friends are using it too!” – Scott B.

“Sweet Bee Magic has got me through some hard times! I get shingles from time to time and a friend of mine gave me some Sweet Bee Magic to use on it and it instantly relieves the itching and helps heal it. It’s not like anything else I have ever used.” – Norman

“I am on my feet all day in boots and my heals and feet crack and it’s really painful. I’ve been using Sweet Bee Magic on my feet after work and I no longer have that problem.” – Paul

"Sweet Bee Magic is GREAT for my poor old bald head. I work outside all day and Sweet Bee keeps my scalp feeling moisturized and conditioned it also prevents the tight, dry, itchy feeling. That happens from all day sun and weather." – John 

"I ride my motorcycle to and from work every day, real fasssst! I slather Sweet Bee on my neck and legs to keep them from the extreme drying and cracking that occurs from the extreme wind factor." – Mark W
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