Fall Skincare Tips


The leaves are changing color, school is back in session, and Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes... That can only mean one thing... Fall is here! And for most of us that also means dry, flaky, dull skin, fading tans and of course chapped lips.

Here are some tips to beat the fall skin fatigue and keep bright, healthy, glowing skin during the colder months!

1. EXFOLIATE. Once you start to notice your skin naturally shedding and getting dry and flaky during the fall and winter months, aid in its exfoliation with dry skin brushing or “loofah-ing.” Your skin will be softer and will achieve a natural glow from all of the circulation you have just stimulated. You can read our skin brushing blog here!

2. OIL BASED SCRUB. Ditch the fruity summer shower gels and try a nice scrub that contains natural oils as well as a scrub mechanism like sugar, jojoba or apricot kernels. As well as scrubbing and defoliating you are also hydrating your skin. Look out soon for a new honey-sugar scrub from Medicine Mama’s!

3. MOISTURIZE. If you have been using a light day lotion or moisturizer it is now time to switch to a richer cream or oil-based moisturizer. Your skin becomes so reheated during the cooler months. Quench its thirst and lock in moisture with a season-appropriate moisturizer. Our Sweet Bee Magic is perfect for your skin at this time of year.

4. USE LIP BALM. Invest in a great petroleum-free natural lip balm with SPF. Even though the sun is not as bright our lips can still get burned and chapped and they are especially vulnerable to the sun and windburn once the temperature drops. Our Sweet Bee Magic Wand is the perfect lip balm and travel companion!

5. USE A HUMIDIFIER. This device will SAVE your skin this fall and winter. If you leave it on at night while you sleep your skin will LOVE you. It will maintain its plumpness and hydration and will retain that moisture throughout the day.

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