Brush your skin beautiful!

Dry brushing is an ancient technique used to bring the skin to its optimum health and appearance. The skin is not only the largest organ in the body, it is also one of the body’s main forms of elimination. When the body has toxicity it is visible in the skin. Dry brushing, with a natural sisal bristle brush removes dead skin cells at the deepest level of the dermis, not only eliminating pore-clogging dead skin cells but stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. It has also been shown that dry skin brushing can eliminate cellulite and improve the appearance of fatty tissue beneath the skins surface. Brushing also preps the skin for the absorption of moisturizing oils, and serums, leaving your skin, smooth, clear and exfoliated. Brighter, healthier, smoother skin, is just a brushstroke away!

I've outlined a very simple 3 step process below:

  1. Brush in a circular motion from head to toe covering the surface of your body twice.

  2. Rinse your body with cold water. The colder the better this promotes healthy circulation and blood flow to the face giving your skin a brighter healthier complexion. Cold water also shrinks the pores!
  3. Apply Sweet Bee Magic to your body and Ultra Beauty Balm to your face and neck. Both have a naturally high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and the miraculous powers of Propolis, a concentrated byproduct of honey found inside the hive. Propolis is incredibly potent and powerful in its medicinal healing properties. Not to mention Propolis also has super potent naturally occurring AHA which peels away layers of dead skin cells and removes signs of aging and sun damage. 

This is a magic 3 step ritual that visibly illuminates the skin. Turn on the lights underneath your skin and reveal your glow!

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